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ManMine understands your recruitment challenges. We save you time by screening and interviewing candidates to show you only the best, most qualified applicants. And we do it quickly, so you don't lose market share to unfilled positions. Our recruitment solutions covers everything from refining the job description to the candidate joining, and leaves you hassle free.

Our professional sales recruitment staff learns about all your needs - the number and type of open positions, the experience you're looking for in a candidate, the personality type that will fit in your organization, etc.

Pain Area for the Clients

ManMine has identified the following focus areas for a successful recruitment:

Thorough knowledge of the subject: In in-depth Interviews, the word “in-depth” itself denotes the importance of detailed knowledge of the subject at hand at both ends of the interaction. Moderator should have extensive and detailed knowledge on the subject at hand. This will help the moderator in building a rapport with the candidate and will create an interactive discussion environment where the moderator can probe a candidate wherever necessary.

Moderator’s interpersonal and communication skills: Moderatorsare more productive when treated like discussions or two way interactions rather than an extended Q&A session. For interactions of such lengths, it is very important for the moderator to keep the candidate interested and involved throughout the duration of the interview. Here, the moderator’s interpersonal and communication skills and the command over the language of interaction come to the forefront.

How ManMine does it

By hiring the right people:  We hire recruiters with minimum 3 year experience in recruitment. We have a vast team of  exhaustively experienced and competently adept moderators

By right placement of people: We allocate requirements of a particular area only to recruiters who have sufficient exposure of that area.

By giving the right exposure: Our current team has served more than 800 clients accross India.

Rigorous training: All our recruiters have done more than 30 hrs. of training on basics of communication skills, interpersonal skills and  group dynamics management.